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Yate Junior Hockey

Our five junior teams allow children from the ages of 5 up to 16 to enjoy hockey and develop their skills within training and league games. To find out more, scroll down!

New players, of all ages and abilities welcome!


U8s & U10s: Thursday 16:45-18:00

U12s: Tuesday 17:30 - 18:45

U14s: Tuesday 17:30 - 18:45 (+ 1 hour adult session by invitation)

U16s Join our adult sessions:

Ladies - Tuesday - 7-9PM

Men - Wednesday - 7-9PM



Why do we run junior

The purpose of Yate HC Juniors is two fold:


To provide an opportunity for the younger members of our community to be active in a sport that we love, and to develop their skills and techniques as they age to allow them to become better hockey players and indeed to develop the interpersonal skills associated with playing sport (teamwork, communication, coping with success and failure etc…). 


To provide a succession of players (who understand the demands of hockey) from the juniors in to the adult teams so to allow those with slightly more experienced bones and muscles to retire gracefully!

How do we run training?

Our coaching team ensure that each age group is experiencing a similar level of delivery across the club, working on the core skills and techniques desired by England Hockey and  allows us as a committee to better ensure that all children have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Each year our teams are entered into the Avon League, local & regional tournaments, cups and a Badgers/Development team. All entries aim to provide the players with some friendly competition designed to enhance their skills in a game environment whilst paying attention to their long term development. Furthermore, a high number of our players progress through to JDC, JAC and JRPC levels with England Hockey, an achievement that we are always very proud of.

President's Day 1.PNG


Players are asked to use shin-pads & gum shields.


Gum-shields can be purchased at a range of outlets or you may choose to take advantage of our new dental scheme the club has arranged and purchase a Yate HC gum-shield which is fitted properly by a dentist… this is especially recommended for all players who are now on their adult set of teeth!

We have a number of sticks that can be used by new players.


Where possible, we will endeavour to ensure that all of the children are given the opportunity to play in Junior matches but – for the younger ones – the coaches will have to assess when they are ready. The focus of our junior section is about the development of the player in both their physical, technical and tactical understanding of the game.


With this in mind, whilst we all love a win, the focus will always be on the quality of play and our desire to see our junior members embrace the club spirit. This must be working with record numbers at the club and tournament wins across all age groups in the last two seasons

First Aid

There are always at least two first aiders in attendance at training.


If there are any more out there, please can you let us know.

EH Player Pathway

The coaches at Yate Hockey Club plan all training and competition around England Hockey’s Player Pathway. We aim to focus on technical and tactical development of the player whilst developing a love and passion for the game.

​Development Centres

Provide a local entry point to the player pathway for U13s - U17s​

Academy Centres 

provide a high quality talent programme for identified players in U13 – U17 age groups


Performance Centres  

Based across the country providing frequent, high quality training with the best coaches for U15 and U17 players


Futures Cup 

Supports player development within a high-intensity and pressurised best v best tournament environment


Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) Programme 

Provides additional training and sport-related education for U17 players selected from Performance Centres


National Age Group Squads (NAGS) 

Are selected at U16 and U18 age groups for girls and boys. NAGS provides the first taste of international competition for our young players

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