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2020/21 Season

This season, the Committee has taken the decision to suspend, temporarily, the Members Club. Due to COVID-19, the Club is facing increased running costs, such as the purchase of required PPE for example. We will also be unable to run our usual fundraising events throughout the season. Membership fees are to remain the same as last season. If you have any questions, please contact a committee member.

Members Club

At the AGM of 2014 it was unanimously agreed that in order to begin to build a fund for ‘bigger projects’ that the club would face in the future, it was imperative that the fundraising efforts were stepped up.

In the past, subscriptions covered the cost of insurance and provided cover for the costs of pre-season training, equipment etc. whilst Saturday fees/monthly standing orders covered the weekly cost of training and playing. Though this put the club at a continuous ‘break even’ point, not a bad thing but in no way did it secure us against loss of players through injury or indeed if the club wanted to invest in future projects e.g. storage, dug-outs, seating etc.

Following years of trying to launch a "100 Club" the committee proposed an alternative take on this whereby subs would be increased by £2 per month (an upfront fee of £24) and this money would be put in to a separate holding account to build up over time – allowing the club to spend on projects that benefited all members, safe in the knowledge that all members had played their part in contributing.

Keen to ensure that the club were not simply ‘making a profit’ we decided that we would set aside a percentage of the income each year to ‘give back’ to members.

We use a random selection wheel to select the lucky members each month.


Check out the News page and Facebook to see if you are one of the lucky club members and for an update on projects being undertaken.

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