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2022/23 Juniors Information Pack


General Health & Safety

Upon arrival at training it is imperative that your son/daughter registers with our membership secretaries at the entrance gate.

If your child is carrying any injuries / illnesses it is important that we are made aware at the beginning of the session. As coaches, we reserve the right to withdraw your child from training (and indeed matches) if we feel their condition is deteriorating and/or we feel that continuing will make the problem worse.

If your child requires any medical intervention (e.g. asthma inhalers, epi-pens etc) it is important that both they and the coaches are aware of the location of medical devices so that they can be easily and quickly located in the case of need.

Children in U8s, 10s, 12s and 14s will not be allowed to leave the hockey pitch without an adult present with them. Please ensure prompt collection of your child at the end of each session.

Membership Subs

Payment in full

£90 payable by 30th September 2022

Payments in instalments

£50 payable by 30th September 2022

£50 payable by 31st January 2023

If you have two or more children in the juniors only section of the club, please speak to Junior Treasurer about family discounts available. 

Preferred payment method direct transfer/SO to Yate Junior Club bank account. For details please contact club treasurers or secretaries.


Alternatively you can pay by cheque. Cheques are payable to Yate Junior Hockey Club (with children’s names written on the back of the cheque).

If payment dates are missed, fees increase by £10

Please note that junior members who train (and play) with the adult teams e.g. those 14+ year of age who regularly train and/or play with the adult’s teams will be expected to pay a one off fee of £50 to the junior account (payable by 30th September) AND the U18 rate of payment to the adults club.

For players representing the Badgers team, a match fee of £5 per home match applies.


Please speak to Zoe, Lucy or Vicki for further information.

Matches and Games

As ever we will be entering in to a variety of leagues and competitions this season to ensure that all age groups have match experience to put the training in to practice. As soon as we have details of fixture dates, times and locations we will of course send these around.

Selection Policy

Where possible, we will endeavour to ensure that all of the children are given the opportunity to play in Junior matches but – for the younger ones – the coaches will have to assess when they are ready. The focus of our junior section is about the development of the player in both their physical, technical and tactical understanding of the game. With this in mind, whilst we all love a win, the focus will always be on the quality of play and our desire to see our junior members embrace the club spirit. This must be working with record numbers at the club and tournament wins across all age groups in the last two seasons!

Volunteers Yate Hockey Club


We are always on the lookout for parents/guardians who are keen to support the junior section of the club and help us to ensure the junior members have an outstanding experience. With this in mind we are looking for volunteers to help us with the following tasks:


Social activities for the junior members


Match / Junior Communications Support for Website, Twitter, Facebook and to send to communications officer (for local press)


My magic sports kits

My magic sports kits

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